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Did you know 950k taxpayers missed the 31 January 2020 deadline? That is a £95.8m in automatic penalties that could have been avoided.

Most people find tax tedious and we understand why. When making big life decisions most people's first priority is not the tax implications of that decision.

"Leave this to us, this is what we do."

We will ensure that your personal tax return is accurately filed before the 31st January deadline.

Using our experience, we will consider your personal tax position and advise a strategy to help you understand your most tax efficient options.

At Glass Accountants we use real time information and estimations to predict your total income before the end of the tax year. This allows for successful tax planning, ensuring our clients minimise paying tax at the higher or additional rate of tax.

Not sure what service you require?
Not sure what service you require?

Glass Accountants advised we use the cloud package Quickbooks, this allowed us to have real-time-information at very little cost. Using cloud software allows Glass Accountants to estimate our total income for the tax year three months prior to it ending. We use this estimate to avoid paying tax at the higher 40% tax rate by performing more property repairs before the tax year end.

Charles Mitton, Property Investments