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Approaching business tax in the right way can make a real difference to the success of your business

To help our clients determine the most tax effective structure for their business, we organise a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of each. 

Glass accountants can assist your company in completing and filing it's Corporation Tax Returns. Exploring tax opportunities and ensuring your business is claiming all the reliefs it is entitled to.

We monitor our clients closely and provide them with information in a quick and communicative manner. Ensuring your company's tax returns are filed and paid on time.

Using our experience, we can advise you on the most tax efficient way of extracting profits from an entity. Taking advantage of personal allowances, basic rate bands and other reliefs.

We leave our clients with peace of mind and time to manage and grow their business.

Not sure what service you require?

Things took off rather quickly for Up There UK and we sought Glass Accountants help who were super-efficient in assessing our January - March books and recommending the most tax efficient business structure for us.

Alicia Allanson, Up There UK