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Outsourcing your payroll is a no brainer, here's why...

Payroll is a lot more complicated than it once was. First there was the introduction of Real-Time Information. Later there was the introduction of Automatic Pension Enrolment. More recently we have seen the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When paying staff it is imperative things are done promptly and accurately.

Outsourcing your payroll can avoid questions like:

  • How do I ensure I am keeping my payroll software up to date?

  • What do I do if my payroll person goes on holiday or on sick?

  • How do I ensure that confidential information is kept GDPR compliant?

  • How do I install safeguards to ensure confidential information stays confidential?

We incorporate our payroll services with other aspects of accounting such as business and personal tax. Assessing the big picture ensures the most tax efficient remuneration extraction possible.

At Glass Accountantss we give our clients peace of mind ensuring their payroll is up to date, compliant and confidential.

Not sure what service you require?
Not sure what service you require?

We love how quickly and accurately Glass Accountants work, they make the process simple for us to understand. Glass Accountants are a real asset and we would not hesitate in recommending them to your business.

Alicia Allanson, Up There UK