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We can take away the stress of getting your year-end accounts completed accurately

End of year accounts are essential for compliance, but we don't stop there. Glass Accountants focus on adding value to your business by providing the best year-end accounts we can.


What sets us apart from other accountants? 
  • Your Accounts Explained

  • Rapid Turnaround

  • Best Technology Solutions

We provide our clients with annual accounts that give a true and accurate view of their business's performance and position. Then, a meeting is arranged to explain what the financial information means, highlighting details that will be most useful to you.

Glass Accountants work with you to ensure the turnaround of annual accounts is as rapid as possible. This is because the sooner your see your year-end accounts, the sooner you can use this information to make future decisions.


Technology in the accountancy world is constantly evolving. To give you the best service possible we invest our time exploring which software's best suits your needs.

Not sure what service you require?

I always felt up to date and in sync with what was going on with the accounts which gave me a lot of confidence as a new business owner. The security of knowing that we were fully compliant in finance acted like a springboard for the business

Thomas Howard, Toms' Antiques