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Company secretarial and corporate governance matters are incredibly important. 

Company legislation provides a business to benefit from the protection of limited liability. Separating the legal persona of the organisation from the individuals who own or run it.

But this comes at a cost. Company secretaries have a great responsibility and play a significant role in the governance of an entity.

To put it simply, a certain amount of information about the company must be made publicly available and must adhere to specific standards.

We offer a bespoke company secretarial service. Our qualified accountants are on hand to take care of all your company's secretarial work. Here are some of the company secretarial services we offer:

  • Incorporate a new entity on your behalf

  • Maintain all your statutory registers and minutes

  • Create dividend vouchers

  • Ensure your statutory accounts are filed at Companies House

  • Draft minutes for Director's meetings

  • Act as your registered office

  • Change the structure of your entity

  • Dissolve an entity as required

Speak to us today to find out your legal obligations in creating a new entity.

Not sure what service you require?
Not sure what service you require?

This was our first company venture. Glass Accountants advised us on how to set up the business very efficiently and dealt with HMRC and Companies House on our behalf.

Thomas Howard, Toms' Antiques