Adding Value to Your Business


Your own Dedicated, Qualified Accountant


Offering You a Transparent Service

Why we started 


Glass Accountants was founded because we believe that too many small to medium sized businesses are dealing with old-fashioned and detached accountants.


Accountants focusing on compliance and compliance alone.


Yes, your deadlines are met, but has your accountant really added value to your business?

We decided to change the accountant stereotype. Glass Accountants provide a modern approach to accountancy, tax and consultation.

Our goal is to provide the best service possible exceeding our clients’ expectations. We listen to your needs and add value by advising on how to improve profit and help your business grow.

How we operate

One Accountant for all your needs

A practice often assigns your accountancy services to different individuals within that organisation. One person handles your bookkeeping, another your payroll and another your personal tax etc.


We find this can lead to a variety of issues:



How we are different

At Glass Accountants our clients are assigned a qualified, proactive accountant. This accountant deals with all your accountancy needs. 

We cater to individuals, partnerships and SMEs (small to medium entities) in a wide range of sectors. Before we undertake any work we will meet with you to discuss your requirements. This gives us fundamental understanding of you and your business. Allowing us to provide the best possible service, bespoke to your needs.

Clients may be waiting for their tax bill for long periods of time

You may receive poor tax planning, as no one person is evaluating the big picture

Large amounts of work may be completed by unqualified trainees

Confusion due to too many accountants communicating to one client

Bills may be higher than necessary because there has been too much stop-and-start

A digital service  


We pride ourselves on being a digital accountants. We are a paperless office, keeping our documents in secure cloud software. Two factor authentication allows us to securely access your data anytime we need. This allows us to provide a rapid, high quality level of service wherever you are based.

We encourage our clients to use our Shared Google Drive feature. This allows you to quickly, easily and securely share your data with us.


We are experts in several accounting packages like: 

  • Xero

  • QuickBooks

  • Sage Business Cloud

  • Sage 50


We also aim to work from home and run our client meetings online wherever possible.

Our digital service allows us to cater for businesses across the country. It allows us to cut down on our overheads and in turn, pass these savings to our clients. It also allows us to have the lowest carbon footprint we can.

A transparent service 

We aim to be transparent with our clients in all ways. Working with you, rather than working for you. We share tips on ways you can reduce your accountancy fees. And we share skills on how to perform bookkeeping, VAT checks and much more on our Glass Guides Channel

How we charge   


We offer a free initial meeting where we discuss your needs and decide the services you require. We will then provide you with a fixed fee quote which can paid via a monthly direct debit or bank transfer.

We recommend that you meet with selection of accountants to find the best one for you. We thus guarantee your fixed fee quote for two months, giving you the time you need to make an informed decision. 

Before you make a decision read our Glass Guide -  Choosing Your Accountant.

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Our fees may increase or decrease over time, depending on the level of work involved and the services provided. We guarantee that your annual fixed fee quote will never change over that specified period. Instead, we will discuss the time-cost with you and reduce or increase the following year's fixed fee if there is a material difference. This allows many of our clients to learn better accounting practices and reduce their accountancy fees over time.

Should you decide you require extra services, we will provide you with an updated quote. This avoids you receiving hidden fees you were not expecting.


Their approach is modern and unique, taking advantage of new software's and means of communication. They have been a fantastic support to us and I would certainly recommend Glass Accountants to any property investment business.

Charles Mitton, Property Investments